Product Development

Head Start through Development

Schmitz is committed to the consistent further development of abrasives long term and supports its customers for all their abrasive needs.

We supply highly researched technical solutions for diverse market segments and applications designed to help you with performance improvement and cost control. These also include further product developments for a more refined micrograph and improved surface finish looks, to name but a few. By using various abrasives in conjunction with specific bond types, for instance, a wide variety of abrasive qualities can be achieved, be they harder, denser, softer or more flexible – depending on the given manufacturer's brief.

Focus on Innovations

In product development, which involves ongoing dialogue with our customers, we aim to fulfil special industrial requirements. To achieve perfect results tests are carried out during the development process and based on their results further optimisations are introduced. This is how "step by step" a new product is developed that is precisely tailored to customer specifications.

Costs Optimised by Quality

Due to our high manufacturing quality our customers have fewer rejects and require less machining, which is associated with clear cost savings. Longer service life also reduces retooling costs and avoids production downtimes.