Precision "Hand-Made in Germany"

We boast 100% vertical integration in manufacturing, i.e. we produce everything in-house. Manufacturing involves a high degree of manual work – a crucial characteristic ensuring the above-average quality of our products, for which we hold numerous national and international trade mark rights and patents.

Unique Solutions – Fine-Tuned

Whatever the sector of industry – Schmitz has the matching abrasives for nearly all applications. Our core competence lies in the production of abrasives for the cutlery, tool and machine knives industries. In addition to this, we manufacture products for the automotive industry and its upstream suppliers, the diamond tool and steel sectors as well as the glass and core-making industries not forgetting abrasives for surgical and manicure instruments.

Innovations – Made-to-Measure

Product development and further development are an essential part of our business. In collaborative process with our customers we produce innovative abrasives that are precisely geared to the customer's specific needs and specifications.

Capitalise on our longstanding competence for effective abrasive solutions to produce perfect results.

Competence for All Tasks in Manufacturing

Thanks to our know-how we develop the best possible products for all abrasive applications with a view to ensuring the safest and most efficient use coupled with maximum performance.

We focus on fulfilling the manufacturing task while complying with all important manufacturing process parameters such as:

  • Infeed
  • Surface speed
  • Hardness, grain type or size
  • Dimensional control
  • Surface quality

High Efficiency Results in Maximum Performance

Our abrasives offer highest operational reliability safeguarding not only all steps of the production process but also proven higher performance. Through intense development cooperation with our customers up to 100% and more work pieces can be treated. Just like for the development of new products we also harness technological progress for the improvement of existing products.